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Meet Our Specialists


For more than a quarter century, attorneys, accountants and other trusted advisors have relied upon our Personal Trusts and Estate Group to bring peace of mind to clients and families when it’s most needed. Our experienced local team provides the highest level of personal service, confidentiality and attention to detail.

Doug Tirmenstein

Douglas A. Tirmenstein

Beth McIntire

Beth W. McIntire

Brian Senninger

Brian J. Senninger

John Thomason

John E. Thomason

Angie Berg

Angela M. Berg

Jamie Britton-Blanck

Jamie R. Britton-Blanck

Melanie D. Newkirk

Cory Judd

Corrina A. Judd

Jean Landy

Jean W. Frizzell

Julie Lenahan

Julie A. Lenahan

Kristen Smith

Kristen E. Smith

Jamie Ulrey

Jamie M. Ulrey

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