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Meet Our Specialists


Personal service is our hallmark at The National Bank of Indianapolis. No matter which banking center you visit, our personal banking specialists will get to know you, respond to your specific needs, and ensure that you always have an outstanding banking experience.

Tricia Anthony

Tricia L. Anthony

Amanda Baker

Amanda A. Baker

Amy Begley

Amy L. Begley

Kim Bradley

Kimberly H. Bradley

Josiah W. Bryan

Nicole Buchan

Nicole M. Buchan

Jessica Champlin

Jessica E. Champlin

Cindy Colter

Cindy C. Colter

Mike Combs

Michael G. Combs

Karin Cook

Karin M. Cook

Steve Gates

Steven H. Gates

Lorna Goodwin

Lorna J. Goodwin

Sean Hillier

Sean T. Hillier

Mary Imel

Mary A. Imel

Mathew J. Kasper

Vickie Kenney

Vickie A. Kenney

Valentine J. Klimkowski

Ed Land

Edward R. Land

Andrea Moore

Andrea B. Malone

Angela R. Pacilio

Joselyn Pollock

Joselyn M. Pollock

Christine Rainey

Christine S. Rainey

Amy Sloan

Amy L. Sloan

Traci Tinnon

Traci L. Tinnon

Melissa Warriner

Melissa E. Warriner

Kami R. Wilson

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