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Nonprofit Investment Management


Grow and preserve your nonprofit organization by investing with The National Bank of Indianapolis. Our professional fee-only portfolio management options, Diamond Capital Management and Market Street Fund Management, are designed to assist organizations by maximizing their investments in support of their missions.

Our specialists will help your organization:

  • Partner closely with your board to identify your unique investment objectives.
  • Grow large endowments or gifts in perpetuity while supporting the organization.
  • Develop creative solutions for short-term and time-specific pools of capital.
  • Retain the benefits of a fiduciary relationship through The National Bank of Indianapolis.

Our investment philosophy is focused on providing superior, risk-adjusted returns with an emphasis on quality. We understand that investment returns are pursued in an environment of risk. With this fundamental tenet in mind, we pursue the highest level of return per unit of risk incurred. In other words, we intend to incur the lowest level of risk to garner the highest return possible. Portfolios are well-diversified and structured with high-quality, liquid assets. This is important for nonprofit or institutional investors who have a fiduciary obligation to manage your organization’s assets.

By managing your nonprofit investments with The National Bank of Indianapolis through Diamond Capital Management or Market Street Fund Management, you’ll have a local, trusted partner to help you carry out your mission for years to come.

For more information about the services we can provide for your nonprofit, click on the links below to learn more or to contact a specialist.

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