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Employee Testimonials


We’re proud of having over 90% employee retention year over year. Here are some of the replies we received when we asked why people love working with us.
Andy Newell
"I’m surrounded by excellent people and have the opportunity to offer genuine help to people. The Bank values our clients as much as I do, and I’m never put in a position where my professional goals supersede doing what’s best for our clients."
Andy Newell
Investment Officer
Kim Wharton
"I have confidence in the leadership. Employees' thoughts/opinions are valued no matter what position they hold. I know who the decision makers are and they know me (I see them in the hallways and on the elevators). We have quarterly staff meetings that keep employees abreast to what is going on within the organization. I believe leadership strives to be as transparent as possible."
Kim Wharton
Vice President and Manager, Loan Documentation
Courtney Atkins
"When I worked at bigger institutions, I only felt like a number vs. an actual person. However, working here I feel appreciated and respected both as an individual and as a professional."

Courtney Atkins
Loan Operations Specialist
Steve Gates
"The National Bank of Indianapolis has created a culture where employees feel valued, from our compensation and benefits to empowering us to make decisions. This is truly a team-oriented environment where employees can do what is right for our clients without worry about how it looks for our individual performance."

Steve Gates
Vice President and Banking Center Manager
Berna Harris
"What attracted me to employment was the atmosphere of the center, the Bank's strong focus on customer service, and the Culture of Excellence. I first entered one of our banking centers in 2009 and opened a savings account. I felt then that NBofI would be an excellent place not only to call my banking center but a great place in which to work."
Berna Harris
Customer Service Representative
"My Bank’s commitment to its community is a strong legacy of service to the Greater Indianapolis area. We invest our resources (i.e., time, financial support) to do our part to raise the quality of life for our citizens and strengthen our neighborhoods. The Bank also makes a commitment to its employees to be supportive, respectful and trustworthy. In working for The National Bank of Indianapolis, I found a perfect match for my own personal values and ethics. I am proud of our Bank and honored to be an employee."

Karen St. John
Administrative Assistant

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