Treasury Management

In addition to offering traditional business credit and deposit services, the Treasury Management Division was formed to provide state-of-the-art treasury management tools to our corporate clients.

Deposit Pick-up Service
Image-Based Lockbox Processing
Merchant Credit Card Processing
ACH Origination
Remote Deposit Capture

Internet Based Cash Management Application
Intra-day Reporting
Statement and Paid Check Images on CD-ROM

Monthly Account Analysis

Zero Balance Accounts
ACH Origination
Positive Pay

Automated Account Reconciliation
Sweep to Loan
ACH Debit Block and Filter

Capital Money Market Sweep
Repo Sweep*
Dreyfus Sweep*

Capital EURO Sweep*

We combine modern technology and sophisticated treasury management solutions with old-fashioned values and personal service. Treasury Management Services can take your business to the next level.

Corporate Portrait: Internet Banking for Businesses

The National Bank of Indianapolis is proud to feature Corporate Portrait Internet Business Banking - a powerful suite of web-based treasury management services complete and flexible enough for any business.

Totally secure and confidential, this fully integrated application delivers the benefits of automated banking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Take complete control of your accounts and enjoy a powerful business advantage with the following features:

Information Reporting
Wire Transfer
ACH Origination
Cash Concentration
Check Management
Bank Transfer

Lockbox Portrait

Lockbox Portrait allows you to view processed images of checks, coupons, and transactions, as well as, download daily accounting system extracts and reports securely through the internet. Lockbox Portrait provides enhanced item research on all captured items including checks, documents, remittance stubs, invoices and associated correspondence.

Lockbox Portrait Data Capture Capabilities allows our automated data collection feature to extract valuable information off of any document containing information which you need to enter into a database.

Corporate Portrait: Internet Banking for Businesses

Commerce Capture enables you to deposit checks digitally right from your office without handdelivering or sending checks to the bank. You simply scan your deposited items at your desktop with a small scanner, and the deposit is electronically transmitted to the bank. It’s smart, quick and efficient-just like you.

*Products offered not FDIC insured.
*Products offered may not be a deposit, or other obligation of the bank, and not guaranteed by the Bank.
*Products offered may involve investment risks, including principal amount invested.

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